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Blessing is a Gay Mormon film destined to be a great resource to help open lines of family discussion in Gay Mormon families as well as families of any faith.  Blessing is a very powerful and moving film that has already touched the hearts of people wherever is has been shown.  Whether you are "gay" or "straight" the message in this Gay Mormon film by Stephen Williams will help you to analyze your personal biases or prejudices about the Gay Mormon men and women or just gay men and women you come in contact with everyday. Gay Mormon film is a fairly recent development. Predjudices and biases in the Mormon Church and in society in general have made it difficult for people to be willing to share their expierences, but lately their have been more courageous individuals willing to memorialize in the gay mormon film industry the stuggles gay mormon men and women face in their families and in life in general.  Look for more gay mormon films to be produced and to appear on the pages of Gay Mormon Films.



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